Day 1: Orange Tulips and Mexican Doggie

Had the itch — just had to drive into town to find some flowers to paint. None of the grocery stores had roses, but I did find a pretty bunch of orange tulips. That clay dog came from Dead People’s Stuff — my favorite junk store, up in Northport. I’m not sure if it’s Mexican or Peruvian. Reminds me of the dogs that traditionally guarded (or just hung out) around the temples in Peru. Maybe somebody can tell me.

It’s worth taking the time to get things drawn in correctly. There are lots of wipe-outs. I use a little viewfinder to help compose things. And early on in each drawing-in I pick one thing as my unit of measure. In this one I’m using the width of the blue vase as my unit of measure.

It snowed all day here but we have no accumulation. I’m grateful to have a warm studio to work in! I have painted in blizzards in the past, but would prefer avoiding them, if possible. A Mexican doggie and a bunch of hot-orange tulips is more fun!

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