March Hillside

“March Hillside” — plein air field study in oil on wood panel 12 x 16″ by Margie Guyot

It was a chilly, cloudy day here and I didn’t really plan on going out to paint. I’d resigned myself to painting the sides of paintings. But then I got the “bug” this afternoon, wandering around with my little viewfinder. What was paintable? What would the Canadian Group of Seven paint? I thought this view would be interesting (= challenging). It’s right outside my door, looking up at the hillside. I was trying to channel the spirit of the great Canadian painter Tom Thomson. Ha ha.

Here’s a deer’s eye view of my setup. I was trying to be careful of where I was standing. A couple years ago I’d planted 300 daffodil bulbs back here and a few were just starting to peek up.

And here’s how it looked “in place”:

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