“Yellow Roses on a Piano Scarf”

“Yellow Roses on a Piano Scarf” — oil on canvas 24 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

If you had to guess which color of roses I like best, you’d be correct if you said “yellow”! These gave up the ghost pretty quickly, so it’s good that I didn’t dilly-dally around. By Day 2 their leaves had turned crispy and I had to use a stem of silk rose as a leaf reference. I think this is Day 4 and the blossoms themselves are drooping.

That cloth — it came from a junk shop in Ellsworth about 10 years ago. They told me it’s called a “piano scarf”. Guessing it’s made from silk. When I started setting up this arrangement I tossed the piano scarf onto the table (which really is just a big piece of plywood, sitting on milk cartons). I liked the way it fell into a clump with the fringe going wild. Kind of looks like a bunch of crazy spiders! We had a couple cloudy days and a couple sunny days which made all the colors and reflections change. Enough to drive a person berserk. But I’m used to it, so here’s how things ended up. Enjoy!

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