“When Inspiration Strikes”

“When Inspiration Strikes” — oil on canvas 60 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

I’d say this is about 99.9% done. I’ve been hacking away on it for a good two weeks. I know there will be a few more minor additions yet. A bug here or there. A moth or butterfly or bee. And something weird in the upper left. But creativity can’t be forced. It’ll hit me.

I’ve noticed inspirations come to me in the middle of the night (usually). Or while I’m in the shower. This painting kind of explains how it is for me.

What inspired me to do this painting was Thelonious the Monkey. I found him a few weeks ago on Facebook Marketplace. As you probably have guessed, my house is full of weird stuff. Years ago it wasn’t like that. I was very into “dress for success”. I followed Martha Stewart religiously. Being “tasteful” was important. Then I got into shamanism and traveled to Peru three times. Did all night san pedro ceremonies. I became an orange. A mushroom coming up through the ground. Slept in a tent on a sandbar in the Amazon. Chewed coca leaves on the trail to Machu Picchu. Everything changed after that. I love to have things everywhere that make me laugh. Life is hard! We need to laugh more.

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