“White Roses”

“White Roses” — oil on canvas 30 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

OK — I could probably dicker around with this for days yet, but I’m calling this one finished. Mostly I had to rely on my imagination. The roses I’d bought at the grocery store started dying almost immediately. I bought a silk rose and ended up using that one for a reference. I had no green tablecloth. All the folds and shadows had to be imagined. One good thing — I got over my “freak-out” aversion to painting leaves! Do enough of them for days and you just sink into a quiet acceptance of “things that must be”.

It’s surprising to find that there is very little real white in white roses!

This painting had bothered me so much that I had to take a day off from painting it. Yesterday I stood out in the pouring rain and painted a patch of melting snow, A most dark, gloomy scene, but I was quite happy to be out there. People will probably look at this painting and think I had a rapturous-good time painting it. Hah!

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