Day 1: The Shapes

I thought I was done painting roses for a while, but noooooooo! These orange ones were calling to me from the grocery store display. I spent a good hour trying to draw them in on a 30 x 48″ canvas but had difficulty. I always use a little viewfinder when drawing things in and I couldn’t find a good setting to translate to a 30 x 48″. I put that away and dragged out a 24 x 48″. Much simpler.

Still — a bit of a struggle! I was listening to the Metropolitan Opera, sipping Darjeeling tea and enjoying the “non-chaos” of the studio. Let’s hope the roses hold on for a few more days! I’ll probably have to tackle them tomorrow.

Meanwhile — a weather report: no snow on the ground here in northern Michigan and gray, drab skies. I’m looking forward to getting out to do some plein air landscapes with sunny skies and blue shadows on snow!

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