By the Compost Pile

“Fallen Trees – December” –– plein air field study in oil on board 12 x 16″ by Margie Guyot

Many years ago a psychic told me, “When you’re not painting you’re like a nervous, fluttery little bird.” True! I wanted to paint something today — but what? Please — no more roses for a while! Even painted my hiking boots yesterday out of desperation. Yes, I wanted to paint something but I didn’t want to have to GO anywhere. My astrological ascendent is Cancer the Crab — a real homebody. I LOVE being home, here in the woods. Peace and quiet! I walked out to the compost pile and took a gander at this pile of trees. Aha! That’s where I set up. Notice the convenient stump on the right. Perfect spot for my can of turps!

Just lately I’ve begun re-examining the art of the Canadian Group of 7. I really love their work. They managed to paint some quite exquisite things in some very unpromising environments: burnout forests,fields with “nothing” in them, etc.. The back swamp here is rather stark- especially in winter – so maybe I can come up with something beautiful eventually.

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