The Princess and the Pea

“Roses with Peach and Blue” — oil on canvas 30 x 40″ by Margie Guyot

Remember that story they used to tell us when we were kids? About the princess who couldn’t sleep because a pea was tucked underneath a stack of mattresses? Sometimes artists are like that princess. Something about this painting kept me awake at night. Something was wrong. In this case it was the blue bowl in the upper left. I’d added it the other day. But it was like a bullseye. It drew too much attention. Remember how it was?

Today I went out to the studio and painted in a leaf. Problem solved!

Ahhhh — this princess shall sleep tonight!

1 Comment

  1. how about a couple more leaves, the blue is indeed a bulls eye but I know, this is not a group project. I like (a LOt) everything you do


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