Roses with Peach and Blue

“Roses with Peach and Blue” — oil on canvas 30 x 40″ by Margie Guyot

At least I’m calling this finished. I started this last summer but a zillion other things got in the way. And I was stumped about the composition. Something didn’t look right. And I didn’t know how to make the golden threads of the sari sparkle. So it got relegated to the back room for a while. Recently I solved another painting dilemma by meditating and using the Silva Method of Mind Control to figure out a solution. So that’s what I did for this one, too. I just promised myself that the next time I walked into the studio and saw this, I’d know what to do: I added the blue dish in the upper left.

Here’s how it looked before:


  1. YES! That blue dish really appeals to the eye!!

    I feel so crazy commenting on your art because you know I know nothing about it!! However, your glass is my favorite!!

    BTW, I completed my Florida DriveAbout this week. My Michigan DriveAbout is the next most important thing on my Bucket List. Maybe I can come see your art next summer!

    What month is best to visit? I learned during my New England and Canada drive about in 2019 that late May and early June is still COLD and no flowers up in the northern parts!

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  2. Ahh, the age old delema. Every painting demands the painter solve a problem, it bugs the mind until a solution is found; and when doing water color ihave even cut out a new piece of water color paper, pasted on the painting and voila, a new chance at finishing the piece. Lucky oil painters, a swoop of a scrapper and a new image to appear. As always your paintings show masterly control of all elements; and the finished painting is a joy to behold. jim gibbons


  3. your right, peaches and blue needed something in the empty space left upper; addition of bule plate cements down the whole pic. I too, puzzled about the pic, thinking how to solve the apparent conundrem. good work jim gibbons


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