After the Blizzard – Tamarack

“After the Blizzard – Tamarack” — plein air field study in oil on canvas — 16 x 20″ by Margie Guyot

We had a whopper last night: a good 14 inches or so. Unusual for here. All hell breaks loose around us but generally nothing in Eastport. It took me an hour to shovel the path from the house to the studio. I was pretty exhausted but I was hell-bent on painting something interesting! I liked the design of these tamrack branches that were bending down from the weight of the snow. This tree still had all of its golden needles. They’ll drop off very soon.

My studio today was the garage. And I even had a chair to sit on! I learned years ago it’s folly to set up to paint in the woods after a snowstorm. At some point you get a “snow bath”. As I painted I could hear big clumps of snow falling off branches and roofs. More to come tomorrow, they say.


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