Day 4: Nailing the Sunlight

I broke one of my own rules today: If it’s going to die, paint it FIRST. Obviously I skipped that rule. I wanted to nail what things looked like when flooded by the mid-day sun. When that bright, golden-orange light shines through the dishes onto the lavender fabric, it becomes….very interesting. Eventually be flowers in this painting, but they’ll be ones from my own garden. We’d had a string of cloudy days recently so all I could do was bide my time and draw things in. I find it helpful to use thin washes of gray tones to indicate where the fabric folds (a.k.a. “the mountains & valleys”) go. Later I’ll paint in fabric details.

My supervisor today was Mr. Wonderful. He was so exhausted from rearranging my still life setup he had to move over to his bear chair. It’s a hard life.

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