Day 3: More Drawing

A very cloudy day and endless errands to run hither and yon. So the best I could do was to begin laying in some of the fabric folds and shadows. Somebody asked if I used charcoal for this. No. I use a thin wash of a grayish oil color. It’s easy to wipe off if necessary. The problem with charcoal is that when you start painting over it, it smears and blends into the paint, turning it a gloppy gray.

This bowl is pretty tricky. I had to wipe out a few times. Then all hell broke loose and I had to leave everything until tomorrow. Some days are like that….

End of Day 3. It was overcast all day. No clear, bright sunshine/shadow patterns, so I had to settle for drawing the glass shapes — and the fabric folds. I treat fabric folds like mountain ranges, painting them with thin washes of gray. After they’re dry I’ll go back with color and patterns.

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