“The Creation of Adam – Revisited

“The Creation of Adam — Revisited” — oil on wood panel 30 x 60″ by Margie Guyot

I haven’t had as much time for painting as usual, what with the start of gardening season. But today it’s been pouring rain. Over 2″ so far! A perfect day for hunkering down in the studio. A couple weeks ago one of my friends posted a funny photo on Facebook: God’s and Adam’s hands reaching to pet a black Labrador retriever. So of course I latched onto that idea. Only instead of a dog, I wanted to feature Picasso, my #1 favorite cat. Every morning I’d wake up and “see” new ideas to add to Michelangelo’s classic painting. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool funster, so this was a hoot to do! Michelangelo is either turning over in his grave, or laughing.

Edited later — I tweaked the upper right section a bit, darkening things here and there. The biggest change: I gave God a gold chain with a crucifex. Hmmmmmm?

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