Day 7: Planting and Painting…

Once June hits, it’s a marathon up here, trying to plant flowers, weed, water — and paint. I carved out a little time in the studio this morning, adding another dinosaur, an ocean and a sailing ship. The upper left was too light, so the new dinosaur helps darken (and balance) things out. At least it makes sense to my music major’s mind. I purposely had the dinosaur’s hand curved like that, echoing the curve of Adam’s hand. And the “new” ocean horizon line helps point the viewer’s eye to the #1 attraction: Picasso, my favorite cat.

In case you’re wondering, here are a couple of my models (below). The dinosaur phone actually works. When it rings, it roars. Found it in a garage sale about 20 years ago. And Charlie McCarthy, poor guy, came from the Brownwood Flea Market about five years ago. I’ve dropped him a few too many times and he’s getting a little fragile.

And my morning shower inspiration this morning showed me an old sailing ship. Just the thing to have on the new ocean! See detail (below).

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