South on Peebles Road

“Peebles Road, Looking South” — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10″ by Margie Guyot

The predicted ice storm missed us. The sun came out today. How could I resist painting that blue sky and puffy clouds? I threw my gear into the truck and took off. Found this spot right off Essex Road and parked way over to the side. There I was, sitting inside the truck, painting away (it was only 14 degrees), when a big, old snowplow roared up suddenly and plowed me in! My can of turps fell over and doused my right leg with about a cup of the stuff. Well — I can tell you that stuff burns! Even after having a hot shower, it’s still burning. So dear reader, if I crap out from this, please know I had a good time on my last day!

1 Comment

  1. LOVE this painting!! Hope it isn’t your last .. in case the turps gets you. HA!

    Can’t believe the plow just plowed you in! One would think it would have stopped and let you move. YIKES! Glad you could get out.


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