Pink Zinnias and Cherry Pie

“Pink Zinnias and Cherry Pie” — oil on canvas 24 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

Yesterday was weird. I couldn’t paint a fork to save my life. So I laid down my brush in the early afternoon and came in for a nap. It must have been what I’d needed. Today, fully refreshed, I trotted right into the studio this morning and painted that last doggone fork!

Another reason why I’m glad to be finished with this one is that my “inspiration muse” came once again during the night, giving me an exciting idea for my next pink zinnia painting. 2 AM is usually when I wake up, all fired-up with “what to paint”. My next zinnia painting will include a self-portrait. This afternoon I sat in front of the mirror and started roughing in my face. So stay tuned! The excitement never ends here at Possum Hollow Studio!

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