Kitty Wants in the Painting

Day 1: the setup

I’ve finally gotten my garden all under control (ha ha!) and began setting up a new still life. When I stepped out to grab a cup of coffee, Mr. Wonderful decided THIS was the most wonderful spot in the entire world and would NOT be moved. So I just might include him in the painting.

What? You missed the cat? Here he is, checking out Momcat from behind the Moth Vase, the original inspiration for this painting. I found it in an antique store in Elk Rapids. Solid brass. I could clobber some intruder real good with that thing.

Ah, I don’t know which is harder: setting up a still life — or drawing it in. The actual painting is a piece of cake. I never photograph-project-trace. I’m far too impatient for that routine. No, I rather enjoy the thrill and quiet agony of struggling with the drawing. Kind of like a tight-walker going over Niagara Falls.

End of Day 1. What you’re not seeing is all the wipe-outs.

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