Peaceful Waters

“Peaceful Waters” — oil on birch panel 30 x 40″ by Margie Guyot

It’d been a struggle — I’d been using an old plein air study I’d done probably about 8 or 10 years ago. The study was done quickly (as they always are) and I’d just slapped in waves willy-nilly. I haven’t done a whole lot of large landscapes, and I’ve found that details become far more important when you’re having to cover a lot of an area. The waves in the little study just didn’t look right!

field study

I ended up driving down to the beach to take “a darned good look” at things. But everything was different. We’d had high lake levels the past several years that left a lot of sand, covering most of the rocks. And the water was pretty calm. I took a darned good look, did a few pencil sketches, and came home and got to work.

I also changed the sky somewhat and the distant land formations, just to make it more interesting. Then I celebrated finishing this behemoth by doing a cloud painting. But ah — that will be another post….

1 Comment

  1. Yes the new work is much more interesting! The color of the rocks, the sky, the light on the water, everything. Thanks for sharing!


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