Cloud Study

“Cloud Study #1″ — plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 10” by Margie Guyot

After finishing “Peaceful Waters” yesterday afternoon, I stepped outside and saw these wonderful puffs of clouds. Of course I had to paint them! Clouds are always so interesting — but just the devil to try to paint. They just won’t hold still for a moment! And it’s hard to come up with a good composition. Yet having a collection of cloud studies can be quite helpful to refer to later on, when doing a studio painting.

Yesterday was probably the most beautiful spring day we’ve had here so far: bright sun, 70 degrees, daffodils blooming, early butterflies flitting about, bees buzzing, birds calling, frogs croaking. I set up my french easel on the porch and painted, accompanied by all 3 cats.

Mr. Wonderful in the foreground.
Picasso and Bernie Sanders watch over their Momcat….

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