Day 2: More Giant Potatoes on the Beach

Still figuring this one out. Mostly I added detail to the rocks on the lower right. Rocks are easy. At least the small ones are. The big ones still look rather like giant baked potatoes. I’ve been using a 10-year-old plein air study as a reference, but I think today I should go down to the beach and take a careful look at things. What are those waves doing? Just how sparkly does that water look? I don’t dare take the big painting down there. It’d be like a giant sail. That wind just howls off the lake!

As with anything that’s difficult, it’s a struggle to stick with it. The urge to walk away is nearly overpowering. Sweeping the floor seems ever so much more enjoyable! Finally I cleaned my brushes, scaped the palette and went out to the orchard to pick up all the pruning litter. Stepping away from a painting is a good thing. You come back with “fresh eyes”.

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