Into the Wild

My friend Melanie Swords invited me to join her on a wild plein air adventure along the Jordan River yesterday. Close as it was to civilization, it was a surprisingly pristine wilderness. It was like something you’d expect to see up in Alaska. Here we are at our first stop. We could hear trout jumping as we painted.

“Trout Pond” – plein air field study in oil on birch panel 8 x 16″ by Margie Guyot

The “road” was quite primitive: very bumpy and muddy, with fallen trees to avoid. Definitely not a road for your fancy little sports car! But the land here is quite beautiful, with numerous creeks, steep hills, forests of maple, beech and pine and hemlock. It reminded me of Christopher Knight, called “the last American hermit”, who’d lived as a hermit in Maine for 27 years. He’d have loved this area.

Early in the second painting…

The forecast had called for sunny skies. As usual, the sunny skies didn’t show up until late in the afternoon. We had to invent sunny sky effects.

My second painting. I still need to tinker with it a bit. The darks of the logs seem a bit too jarring at this point. Sadly, we missed the fall colors by a week. A huge storm last weekend blew most of the leaves off. A few spots of snow remained in spots.

By 2:30 the sun had moved lower in the sky and was further blocked by steep hills and pines. Too dark to really get good colors down at the river levels, so we decided to give up painting for the day and just do some more exploring. Definitely a place to re-visit!

Good-bye to Melanie as she drives off. This was the SMOOTHEST section of road we saw all day.

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