Torn in Two Directions

Got a bit more done on the hands. Re-did the skull “hat”…..

I’d meant to spend all day working on the portraits, but found myself continually looking out the window at the sky. The smoke from the California wildfires had turned our blue sky a pale gray. And the clouds were almost wicked-looking. Finally I decided to stop fighting it — and packed up my plein air gear and took off to go painting.

First I drove up to the beach at Norwood, hoping for an interesting view. Yes, it was interesting, but a challenge, compostion-wise:

The view looking south towards Traverse City

I ended up at Toad Lake, south-east of Ellsworth. Every year I come to this spot to paint. And it never gets any easier! As they say, the first 10,000 times are the hardest.

“Smokey Sky – Toad Lake” — plein air field study in oil on 8 x 10″ birch panel by Margie Guyot

Feeling slightly frustrated, I retreated back to the studio and try to fix my hands. Still need a little revision, but they’re better than before. I also reworked the skull “hat”. Hmmmm….what will today bring?

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