Needed a Dinosaur

Still slugging away on this one. I spent the entire morning struggling to unwind and set up a 50-foot wire fence around my mullein garden. Why the fence? To prevent my cats from using it as their giant litterbox. Pried some large some “boulders” out with a crowbar and set them about (artistically!), then planted the itty-bitty mullein seeds, covered with mulch and watered. A friend came by later, took a look at it and asked if I’d put in a cemetery!

Once done with that chore, I gladly retreated to the studio to chisel away on this one. That bright pink is Aurora Pink. Very difficult to get here. Several years ago I bought three tubes of it on eBay from a seller over in South Korea. It’s almost “nuclear-bright”.

I added mother-in-law’s tongue to the background because its long spikes seem to echo the bird feathers of my “hat”.

And what painting of mine wouldn’t also benefit from the occasional appearance of a dinosaur? Scavenged about 20 years ago from a garage sale, it’s a telephone that roars instead of rings.

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