That Third Face….

OK, I like the mouth, but that one hand needs work…

The Pandemic has been a very freeing time for artists. With galleries closing and sales in the toilet, there’s no pressure to crank out “proven best-sellers”. I see it as a great time to have fun experimenting and practicing skills. For me, it’s been a wonderful time to practice portraits. Trying to capture expressions is addictive! I just sit in front of a mirror and make faces. The other day I spent hours on my face, only to realize later that one eye was about 1/2″ lower than the other. Augh!

With all the unpleasant crap happening these days, I gravitate toward things that are silly. What kind of crazy hat can I wear in this painting? Yesterday morning I woke up, remembering a “hat” I’d bought on eBay about 20 years ago. Just the thing!

Now the painting is at the “fun” stage. Kind of like galloping down-hill to the finish line.

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