It was so bad…

…that I had to throw a cloth over this and go pull weeds for a week! Honestly! Last week I saw an inspiring painting by artist Nicole Mone, a triple portrait that was absolutely hilarious. So I thought I’d do one, too. Portrait-painting is my last frontier. Quite a challenge for a music major! But this is a great time to try new things.

The covered portion hides the first portrait I worked on. It looked so hideous that I had to throw a cloth over it, go outside and start yanking out all the milkweed plants from the flower bed in front of the studio. They were huge. They’d taken over, killing most all the other flowers. They dropped over the path to the studio. Bad feng shui! But don’t worry — I laid them all in the big field towards the road. They’re more than welcome to take over. And then there were the crabgrass roots! It was like trying to dig out a mattress! I worked like a fiend for a week. Finished yesterday.

Today it rained all day, so my choices were to 1) do housework or 2) deal with this painting. Housework can always wait. Stay tuned!

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