Ranney Road — Revisited

My setup — the lawnmower could wait….

The morning’s quandry: do I tear apart the Toro lawnmower’s carburetor and clean the gunk out — or should I try to paint a slightly larger version of “Ranney Road”? Sitting in a cool studio won out.

I used the field study that I did on-site last weekend for a reference. Field studies are so much better than photographs. Colors are usually “off” in photos and there can be distortions. My first painting instructor, Clyde Aspevig, urged us to work from nature, as “the answers are right there in front of you”. Working small (such as 8×10″) is the way to go. Light changes so quickly. I don’t know how some painters manage to paint giant canvases en plein air. Well, let them. Whatever floats yer boat, buddy!

Another reason I wanted to paint another version is because my field study will be leaving soon to go to the home of a buyer. And it’s only recently I’ve attempted painting larger versions from the smaller field studies. Some people want things bigger.

“Ranney Road” — oil on canvas 15 x 30″ by Margie Guyot

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