Sweet Corn – Almost Done

Almost done….

When faced with a difficult challenge, I’m the type who dances all around it, finding every distraction. Yesterday morning was no exception. Found it entirely necessary to catch up with paperwork on the computer, then clean the refrigerator, rearrange the kitchen counter appliances, and put away laundry. Finally I went out to face the monster in the studio: the corn painting. I wanted to add a certain favorite tablecloth — but where was it? I ended up propping an older painting that had the tablecloth in it off to the side, using that for a reference. To further the complication, the cloth in the painting was lying at an angle. For this corn painting, I wanted the cloth to appear as if you’re looking straight down on it. And kind of messed-up, like the corn was tossed onto it. A lot of things make up!

Not quite finished with this. I have a few tweaks left to do. My excuse today: it’s super-gooey wet and there are paintings to schlep around to galleries. So, as Garrison Keillor says, Be well, do good work, and stay in touch!

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