Seven Ears of Corn

“Seven Ears of Corn” — oil on birch panel 18 x 48.5″ by Margie Guyot

This was challenging! I chose to paint it right at the end of corn season and ended up “inventing” how fresh and green the husks were. In reality they ended up being quite dry and crispy. Then there was the tablecloth to deal with. I have this tablecloth – somewhere! – only I couldn’t find it. I had to set another corn painting nearby and look at it to see how the designs went.

“Sweet Corn” — from a couple years ago. This was what I used for reference to do the tablecloth on the new corn painting.

Of course just having a pristine, unwrinkled tablecloth just wouldn’t do! So I made up the folds. And then I had to guess how the shadows would go. Next time I’ll make note of them while actually painting each ear of corn. And then there was the problem of trying to photograph this thing. Notice how the white background is grayer on the left? I’d set this outside to photograph and the right side was getting the most light. Ach!

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