More Corn!

More Corn — oil on birch panels, 16 x 8″ each by Margie Guyot

In between bulb-planting marathons and rainstorms here in northern Michigan, I decided to rest my sore muscles and paint a few more ears of sweet corn while I still can get some decent, local corn. On the lower left is an actual ear, backed by a piece of paper towel. I sit at the easel, painting, listening sometimes to the radio, sometimes to nothing when the news is too horrible. Nearby sits Picasso, my favorite cat, on his special throne. Once in a while he begs for Catnip Temptations, a new type of cat treat. Alas – he’s an addict!



  1. Oh, I see now ur painting corn. They are really wonderful. Wish I could paint like you do! I’ll bet these sell like hot cakes. Carole



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