Sunflowers – Day 1

Day 1….

I’d been eyeing this little grove of sunflowers for a few days, wondering if I’d have the nerve to try painting it. They’re blooming to perfection. That’s a miracle, considering the ravenous deer population around here. I go through a lot of Liquid Fence. Today was stupendously gorgeous – with big, puffy clouds gliding past. I grabbed an old (and unsatisfying!) painting, scraped and sanded it down, then set up my Soltek in the yard to give it a go. It was pretty confusing, painting over the old painting, but I did what I could. This was about as far as I could go with this today. Everything’s super-gooey. I’ll come back to it in a couple days to see if I can whip it into shape. Wait ’til you see the frame I have for it! And yes, that’s my laundry line on the right.

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