Day 2: Ach! That Blanket!

Day 2 — Supervised by Picasso, on his throne.

When I started painting in the blanket – vintage, from an estate sale – I thought Yikes! What have I gotten myself into? It’s like attempting to solve an algebraic problem, only without numbers. And algebra was NOT my favorite subject. When setting this up, I purposely arranged the edges of the blanket to be skewed, going at slightly different angles. I love cockeyed. The world needs more cockeyed. Sorry, OCD friends.

At some point I needed a coffee break, moseying down to the mailbox and refilling the bird feeders. Picasso needed a break, too. Apparently he jumped onto the table, fished around in the vase with his paw, checking out the tulip water. It must taste better? When I returned, everything had been rearranged. The “mad snarl” of leaves from yesterday was a new mad snarl. That’s why I always try to always paint in the leaves on the first day. I’ll have to “fudge it” on the blooms.

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