Starting – A Mad Snarl

End of Day 1

I love mad snarls of leaves! Figuring out all the angles, twists and turns is a blessed escape from focusing on politics! Yesterday was one long string of constant interruptions. At one point I was wading through snow over in Ellsworth, breaking willow branches off over at the recycling center so I could plant them in my swamp. Thank goodness I got as far with this as I did. Tulips “grow” overnight and everything will look a different today, so I really try to “nail” them on the first day. The blooms – just blobs at this point – are like little units of measure. I’ll figure widths of leaves and distances compared to the size of a blossom, for example. And that a cool blanket? It’s from an estate sale. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore!

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