Step 5 in the Creative Process

Back in 1987 I took a painting workshop out in Montana from the great wildlife artist, Robert Bateman. We were surprised to hear him say, “For the first 90% of my paintings, I’m horribly depressed. Then about the last 10%, things come together.” It’s kind of a joke among my artist friends — we’ll call each other and moan over the phone about how awful our current painting is at the moment. The still life I’m working on looked so pathetic two days ago I didn’t have the guts to share it with you!

Yesterday one of my buddies sent me this. I should print it and post on my studio wall:

Even Picasso could tell I needed encouraging! Here he is, snuggling on my lap, purring. Part of the time I had to sit to work on some of the details of the blanket. I think he was saying, “It’ll be OK, Mom.”

Lately I’ve been doing tulip paintings, going through all the colors available in the markets: red, yellow, purple and now pink. The snow is about gone and so is my patience! Note to self: do NOT use this blanket again! Soon gardening season will start and I’ll trade my brushes for a shovel.

At the gooey stage — stay tuned to find out if Margie will tame this wild thing — or not!

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