Day 2: Masks & Teacups

Snow flurries most of the day here. A wonderful day to be in the studio with the cat, listening to opera on the radio. I finished drawing everything in, then right away jumped to the easiest part: painting in a solid background color. When it dries there are about 5,000 little details to add to it. The last thing I did today was to outline the teacups and saucers with a thin band of white. My plan is to go over that white with a thin glaze of a kind of turquoise-blue. Hopefully that will make the bright turquoise-blue stand out. Not a lot of sunshine going on here, but I did catch a little bit of shadow going on around the masks.

My favorite part of the painting process? Drawing it in, believe it or not. It isn’t easy! But I’m pretty much always able to figure it out. My “unit of measure” in this painting is the width of that teacup in the middle. All other shapes are related to the size of that teacup.

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