Day 3: Orange Tulips & Mexican Dog

I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday to run errands in Traverse City (a.k.a. “the Paris of the North”) and didn’t touch this painting. But today I was up and running on it. Mostly I painted the patterns in the cloth – which are harder than you’d think. Realized things would have gone a lot quicker for me if I’d painted the entire background white to start. Once today’s paint job is dry I’ll have to go back in and paint all the empty spaces (and crevices) white. Oh joy!

I started filling in details on the dog. Trickier than you’d think (once again).

The tulips are turning deeper orange as they’re aging, so I’ll have to adjust things. Surprisingly, none have started to open up or flop.

Rain/snow is expected to return tomorrow, so it’ll be a good day to hunker down in the studio.

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