Day 1: More Yellow Roses

Off to a slow start today. Found I’d wasted over an hour, trying to draw in the fabric first. But nothing was “adding up”! Why couldn’t I draw it right? Then I realized the problem: I’d been using a very old viewfinder that was sliding all over the place! I wiped everything off the canvas, then taped the viewfinder into position. No more excuses! Figured I’d better start with the roses. No telling how long they’ll last. All the leaves were turning brown today (and I’d bought them just yesterday).

And as usual, my smartest, most handsome and loyal cat, Picasso, hung by me all day. I had to keep a close eye on him, though. He loves to jump up onto the table, rearrange the fabric and shove roses aside to drink out of the vase. Never mind that he already has a bowl of fresh water on the floor.

The green stuff? Catnip, of course.

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