When in Doubt Add Feathers…

“Grannies & Feathers” — oil on canvas 30 x 30″ by Margie Guyot

I did this painting about a week ago but it just seemed too empty. Here’s the “before”:

Every time I’d walk by it, it just seemed a bit too sparse. Hmmmm… a day ago I added a few sprigs of Queen Anne’s lace:

It helped somewhat, but something still seemed missing. Then when I came into the studio this morning my eye went to the turkey feather collection and I knew what to do….

I’ve always loved the wild turkeys that roam this area. I love to collect their feathers. And they’re so fun to watch. Sometimes I’ll have a conversation with one of the old Toms. We’ll gobble back and forth. One time we had quite a conversation going — me in the upstairs bedroom and Mr. Tom out in the woods. And it’s really fun if there’s a thunderstorm in the area. After every thunderclap you’ll hear a turkey calling back!

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  1. YES! The feathers did the trick! The arrangement gave definition to the painting .. and kept focusing the eye back onto the “important stuff” the apples. Also, the color gave contrast that was needed. MUCH IMPROVED! Good job! (as if you needed me to tell you that – Me – artist? Not at all.)


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