Grannies – Day 1

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I needed to do a green painting. With Granny Smiths. This morning I zipped off the the grocery store to buy apples. The next step: figuring out a background. I rifled through my storage tubs to find possibilities. Here I have some contenders laid out with an apple on each to try to see what called to me.

When I saw this pairing (below) it made me giggle – and giggles should not be ignored! I love painting wrinkles, so this should be fun. My love of wrinkles began when I started going to art workshops out west. I always visited the museums and would get belly-up to study the paintings of the early western painters. They were masters at painting fabric folds! Sometimes I’d get too close and set off alarms. Guards would rush in and yell.

I didn’t get too far — I’d dilly-dallied around this afternoon before actually picking up a brush. Typical, though. Whever there’s a problem to be solved, I am wont to pussy-foot around, mulling things over. I think it’s a good thing. Menial tasks are good. Anyway, here’s how it looks at the end of Day 1:

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