Day 2: The Fun Never Ends

Of course I had to start out the day by pruning out errant wild blackberries from my blueberry patch. Mindless tasks like this help clear my mind for painting. Finally got into the studio. Oh, where to begin a crazed mess like this? I always try to find whatever is in the middle. In this case, it was the handle on the blue-swirl vase. I wanted to “sort of” establish where the main objects were. Then I thought I’d start mushing in the orange flowers. But then I saw how it result in one of those “tragic follies”. So I dropped trying to focus on the flowers and started laying in suggestions about where the green stalks would go. And, being a “glass-aholic”, I found it absolutely irresistable to stay away from the swirls on the glass! Ah, well…

But it wasn’t all fun and games today. I had to pack up my little truck with paintings to take to Tamarack Gallery (over in Omena). I hate leaving things go until morning, so I packed up this afternoon. I can only say one thing: UGH!!!!!!!

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