A Bolt of Inspiration!

Look out, World — I bought gladiolas today! Having been utterly SWAMPED lately with framing paintings and gardening, I must admit feeling a tad guilty (or concerned) about not having painted anything in the past couple weeks. Well, the fairies weren’t doing anything to help and it needed to be done! My muse woke me up at some god-forsaken hour last night, flashing me an amazing display of orange gladioli. Aha! One of my good friends absolutely loves peonies – and paints the hell out of them – but for me, it’s glads! Flowers on a stick! Screaming orange! Can’t be beat!

I called the grocery store in town and asked (as politely as possible) if they had any glads in stock — and – were they fresh? Some of the flowers they offer for sale in grocery stores around here occasionally look like they belong nowhere else but in a compost pile. But Lady Luck was smiling today and yes, the glads were fresh.

As I write, they are basking in vases, soaking up warm water, stems having been cut at an angle, listening to classical music. Maybe tomorrow they’ll open up to look as utterly ravishing as I know they can be!

Here are a couple examples of gladiola paintings I’ve done in the past….


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