Plein Air: Last of the Daffodils

This is in my front yard. I’ve been awfully busy lately, planting my garden and schlepping paintings to galleries, so plein air painting has had to wait. I noticed this view last night – after having driven 4 hours, delivering paintings — and was too tired to paint. In fact, I’d gone to bed at 6:30 last night! Up at 4:30, of course. Refreshed, I got out there today to give it the “good old college try”. A bunny rabbit hopped right by me three times. Curious wasps buzzed around me, considering building a nest under my Hawaiian shirt. We’ve been having an unusual heat wave just lately — up in the 90’s, so my poor little daffodils won’t hold out much longer. I had to paint them! And my camera is on its last legs. Alas, Mercury is in Retrograde. Not an ideal time to buy electronics. So we’ll see how it goes…..

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