“Smart Wool”

“Smart Wool” — oil on canvas 48 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

This might be done. Or maybe not. But for now I’m calling it done. I got the inspiration for this a few days ago when I saw some of my Smart Wool socks lying on top of the washer, drying. I thought wouldn’t it be fun to do a kind of abstract painting with socks? The thought of it made me giggle. And giggling is not to be ignored! I take it as a sign.

This is probably the first (and possibly the last) abstract painting I’ve done. If you can call it that. Painting twisted-up socks is not easy, and having one’s cat constantly laying on and re-arranging them doesn’t make things any easier. Here’s Mr. Wonderful, getting comfortable.

“Hey! Get up!” gets this response: Big yawn.

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