“‘Melican Checkee”

“‘Melican Checkee” — oil on canvas 24 x 48″ by Margie Guyot

I started this painting in a fury. A clerk in an art gallery here had insulted me recently, saying “Your water looks like SHIT!” And “I KNOW you can do better than THIS!” On and on. It was horrible. I was speechless. I never think of the right reply until months later. In short, I was so pissed off, I had to do a painting with a lot of red. And a devil! So that’s the story how this one got started.

A few years ago I was prowling a big antiques store with a friend and found the vintage Chinese checkers board. I always knew it’d end up in a painting. And the plastic owl yard lights — they’re ancient and crumbling – and I’ve painted them several times before – but they’re just too fun!

At first I was going to name this piece “The Temptress”, based on the sexy woman dancer. But today when I painted in the letters of the Chinese checkers board I thought why not? If it offends too many people, I can re-name. Of course, there’s ALWAYS somebody that’s offended! Sorry!

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