Day 6: Missing Chocolates

Yesterday that heart box was full of chocolates. This morning I thought it’d be more interesting if some were missing. Actually, there weren’t any at all — I’d invented them all. Ah — the almighty power of the artist!

Then I added another stem of red gladiolas to the lower left corner to steer the viewer’s eye back up into the painting. I only have one stem of silk gladiolas, so here’s a photo of how I hold it with my left hand while I paint.

Some artists do quite detailed pencil drawings before they even pick up a brush. OK for them, but I was a music major. So I just kind of bumble along as I see fit. I used to feel bad about it, but I read that many (if not most) novelists start writing, not really sure what is going to happen to their characters. If they can do it, I suppose I can figure a painting out as I go along.

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