Day 2: A Hellish Day

The day started out promising: sunny. For Northerners, it’s quite a wonderous thing, seeing the glorious sun after months and months of gloom. Gardening season calls to us like a Siren, urging us to we get out and start rooting in the dirt. This morning I started seeds in the potting shed, waiting for temperatures to warm up a bit. They never did. In fact, the wind picked up and it got downright cold. Still, I raked part of the yard. Gave up when the wind kept blowing most of the leaves back onto the lawn.

In frustration I went into the studio, where I was besieged by my two older cats. “We want treats! We want out! We want in! Pet us! More treats! That went on and on. So I guess it was fitting for me to paint in the devil mask this afternoon. And no — you do not need to pray for my soul…. Thank you, but NO.

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