Day 4: The Struggle Continues

Right off the bat I realized one of the bowls needed to be moved — just a little. When I drew this in I was in a big hurry, trying to paint the roses before they croaked. Today I went ahead and re-drew one of the bowls and covered the old one with a thin coat of white paint. Maybe I’ll have to give it a 2nd coat of white. That might take a few days until it’s dried. If I have a white surface to paint on, I can give it a coat of thin cadmium orange (thinned with Liquin). That way, it’ll have more of a transparent-glass look. As opposed to opaque, if I had to use thick orange paint.

Another quandary — the fabric has sparkly, gold threads. Ideally, I think it might be best to use gold leaf. But I’ve never used it. Have no idea how. Anybody out there give me some pointers?

Moving the bowl….

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