“White Roses, Sunny Sky”

“White Roses, Sunny Sky” — oil on canvas 24 x 24″ by Margie Guyot

I wanted to paint something as cheerful as possible to help get my mind off the war going on over in Ukraine. As they say, you attract what you focus on.

Until you actually paint white roses, you may not realize how “un-white” they really are. Same thing goes for clouds. Hold up a sheet of white paper next to them and you’ll see.

Just as I was finishing this one up today, my handyman brought me a present: a nice, fat squirrel. So I got to celebrate finishing another painting by gutting and skinning a squirrel. Some artist friends celebrate with a glass of wine. Others go shopping. I say why waste a perfectly good squirrel? Stuff like that’s never bothered me. Even as a kid I was into guts, insisting that my dad pull over and stop for roadkill. He taught me how to clean fish when I was 7 and from then on, it was always my job. Maybe I should have become a surgeon? Well, I’m old. And retired. I’ll just have to settle for painting, gardening and a free squirrel now and then.

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