Day 2: Waiting for the Tulips

Don’t bother looking for Day 1. It was so pitifully drab and bare, I couldn’t bring myself to litter the Internet with it. Today I grabbed for the bright oranges and yellows and started in on some of the glassware. Good colors for right now. Outside, it’s all depressing as hell: dark skies and heaps of snow. Tonight we’re expecting an ice storm. So smearing dabs of bright oranges and yellows is quite theraputic. I’d learned years ago that when painting glass objects, it’s critical to paint the designs on the backsides first. Let dry. Then tackle the designs on the front sides. So that’s my excuse. And then there’s the tulips. They’ve been sitting in that container of water for two days now. I’m waiting for them to open up a bit like showgirls and swirl around in gawdy shapes. Normally my rule is: paint things that will die first. But store-bought tulips often take a few days to fully open. Patience! It’s a good day to put away my brushes a little early, don my pajamas and snuggle into bed with my 3 cats and read, waiting for the snow and sleet to start. And what am I reading? Stories about explorers, stranded in the ice in Antarctica, of course…..

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