Day 5: Petals to Fabric

After getting the basic drawing in, I went for the leaves. I’d always considered the leaves to be the hardest. Hah! Then I started doing the flower petals but after a day of suffering with those, I dropped down to the conch shells “for a break”. Hah. They were hard, too. So this morning I made myself go back to the petals for a few hours. Eventually I decided to tackle that cloth (actually a blanket). OY! I’d painted it once before and had forgotten how difficult it was. That design is not the easiest thing to figure out. So friends, life – and painting – is sometimes quite the struggle! I think it’ll be pretty good once it’s finished, though.

Side note: while painting, I heard a familiar thunk on the window. A bird had flown into the window. I put down my brush and ran out to retrieve a poor chickadee that was knocked out, lying in the snow. I picked him (her?) up and held in my hands for about 10 minutes, cooing words of encouragement. Eventually it revived and flew away, like the proverbial bat outta hell.

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