It’s Coming….

Re-work Day 1

.No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. I’ve been extremely busy, putting away lawn furniture, planting daffodils, draining fountains and putting wire fences around things deer like to nibble on. Which, of course, is everything. Then a couple days ago I hit a snag. Tripped and fell. Broke my knee cap. So now I’m wrapped in a brace, hobbling around like an old woman for the next 6 weeks or so, Bummer! But it’s a perfect opportunity to get back into the studio and see if I can remember how to paint. I’d started this larger view of Grand Traverse Bay last winter, working from an 8×10″ field study I’d done on site. I never was exactly pleased with it, though. I kept looking at it over the summer, thinking the composition needed something.

Here’s how it looked (below). Notice how the big direction seemed to slide straight down to the lower right corner, whisking your eye right off the canvas? Not good! I needed something to pause the action. If you look back at the top photo, you’ll see a “new” slab of ice jutting to the upper right. I also added a distant light area in the sky. It’s still not done, but I’m sore all over and too exhausted to go any further with it today.

Last year’s version

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